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Mini Candle


Inspired by our favorite places and memories. Explore our selection.

How to Use

Burn candle continuously for 4 hours, during the first burn. 

After, trim your wooden wick, each time you light your candle. Do not allow dust trimmings or any other material to accumulate in the wax pool (ie, blow dust trimmings off the wax pool before lighting the candle). 

* Due to high temperatures, we discourage shipping candles to warmer regions. We will not be able to replace any candles damaged / melted during transit. 


Top Note: Citrus Zest
Middle Note: Labdanum
Base Note: Vetiver & Oakmoss

This candle will transport you to the spiritual region of Tikal in Guatemala. Your space will feel like a temple for the Gods.


Top Note: Bergamot
Middle Note: Jasmine
Base Note: Sandalwood

Imagine you are walking from coogee to bondi beach in the afternoon and you can smell the jasmine flowers, the fresh citrus trees and far away someone is burning their sandalwood incense. Sydney will transport you to Australia even if you have yet to be there


Top Note: Plum
Middle Note: Black Rose
Base Note: Labdanum

This sweet and sexy scent will set up the mood in any room. Deep and rich, it will be like being in an enchanted forest.


Top Note: Yuzu
Middle Note: Ylang Ylang
Base Note: Hinoki

A blend of florals with rich Yuzu forming an exotic, energizing floral & citrus magical garden.


Top Note: Casis Necar
Middle Note: Arabian Rose
Base Note: Palo Santo

Warm, spicy woods burning in a fireplace.


Top Note: Dahlia
Middle Note: Neroli
Base Note: Patchouli

Sweeten the mood with Fragrant Florals, Neroli, warm amber, and rich earthy Patchouli. 


Top Note: Pear
Middle Note: Cashmere
Base Note: Sheer Vanilla, Musk

A good Vanilla is not just sweet; it is warm, subtle, sexy, and luxurious, with the right amount of musk.


Top Note: Patchouli
Middle Note: Pink Pepper
Base Note: Guaiac Wood

Smoky, spicy incense burning in the streets of Varanasi


Top Note: Bergamot
Middle Note: Violet
Base Note: Oud & Patchouli

Sexy, fresh and the unmistakable scent of OUD


Top Note: Saffron
Middle Note: Tobacco
Base Note: Tonka Bean

Tobacco meets Channel in Havana for a vanilla latte

Nag Champa

Top Note: Neroli, Patchouli
Middle Note: Jasmine
Base Note: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Musk

Just like the incense minus the smoke


Top Note: Hay
Middle Note: Tobacco
Base Note: Vanilla, Smoke, Powder

Warm, earthy and soft. This will definitely take you back. Enjoy the journey


Imagine you are sitting on the sand, ocean breeze in your face and you can taste the salt water.. its so sunny so you have a delicious juicy and sweet melon. this is Tulum. when you can't go, just light this and trust us, you will be transported.


Top Note: Calabrian Lemon
Middle Note: Green Lilac
Base Note: Sea Breeze

Crisp citrus in the air dancing with the breeze of the Mediterranean Sea.

Mini Candle