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Ora La Casa de Las Flores and Ora by Tangni

Our Story, Our Purpose
We are two of one!

Welcome! We are a boutique floral studio with an emphasis on local flowers, and botanical skincare based in New York City.

Our physical store is what we refer to as Ora La Casa de Las Flores and our botanical skincare line refers to Ora by Tangni.

At Ora La Casa de Las Flores, we aim to help beautify your home and life through our floral art and designs.

Ora by Tangni promotes a lifestyle that excludes the exploitation and cruelty towards Mother Nature for the purposes of beauty.

Our Purpose and mission ultimately is to give back to Mother Earth. By sourcing our ingredients from only the best found in nature, we create our products with only a handful of ingredients - all natural and harvested from botanics locally.

We source ethically and only from what we need. By creating a smaller demand for each sourced ingredient, we’re trying to create awareness in the beauty industry that less is more.

Our Story