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What to Expect: Bridal Edition

Reach out to us and send us some general information on your upcoming wedding! 

After initial quote request, we will schedule a time to meet / chat. Create mood boards, review itemized proposal and contract.

Based on when your wedding is, we will meet [ xx ] months or weeks before. We are open to all time-frames, we’ve been booked as early as 2 years in advance to as late as a few months before the wedding.

Finalize details and concepts! Almost show time.

Week of the wedding - whether you a local wedding, or a destination wedding, we will make sure each flower is perfect and treated with extra love for your special day. 

Your Special Day is here! Ora la Casa de Las Flores is here to make sure every design detail is executed and to perfection. We aim to make sure you are focusing on nothing but enjoying your special day.

    All weddings are custom designed and thoughtfully created for you and yours. The above is just a general guideline of what you can expect from us, but know that we will do our best to make sure you have the best experience. 

    Besos y Flores,